I hope I don’t offend anyone, when writing on this page.
My name is Sandra Fransson and I’m Andreas little sister.
I wanted to start by thanking everyone for all the amazing support me and my family has got the last year; it has meant so much to us!

I’m writing here today because I want to spread the word about the non-profit organisation that me, my family and friends of Andreas has started in his honour.

It’s called Safe Passions and we have started this org. because before Andreas died he often talked about how he wanted to give back to the skiing community and educate youths and young adults about safety in the mountains. So now we want to fulfil his dream and do so in his honour.
We have a few projects going on right now:
-A tribute ski collection that we are bidding out on @safepassions homepage, its a collaboration between Salomon and @sandraskonst and all the money will go to Safe Passions. -A poster that we are selling, it’s the same artwork as the ski and it represents Andreas’s life path (/ -A Freeski/Safety camp in Chamonix in January that you can apply to and join at Safe Passions website.

For more info about the projects and info about Safe Passions check out:

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Sandra (Photo left: @danielronnback )