Packing for a return to the south! Everything I bring, except my Ipod and Iphone. As I got so many questions last time, and someone made me promise a packlist, well… Here it is: Yoga mat, shirt, thermals, 2 underwear, 2 socks, book, shirts, towel (extremely small), fleece, 2 beanies, ski bag, 2 back packs, down pant, down jacket, ski jacket, ski pant, down jacket, climbing shoes, harness w kit, skins, ski crampons, 2 pairs gloves, thermos, sport drink powder, protein powder, freeze dried ca 20, 50m trail line, 50m rope, 2*8m tatt, rock gear +slings, cap, various pils, toothpaste, dent floss, shovel, probe, tranceiver, bottle, down shoes, dromedary bag, note book, computer, 2 pens, helmet, samsplint, passport, compass w bag, go pro harness, first aid kit, 2 headlamps, E charger, gps, sat phone, leatherman tool, 2 sun glasses, watch, basket, ski strap, sun screen, pot w plates, spork, whisperlight, fast bolier, gas bottle, tent, adapters, sleeping bag, goggles, crampons, axes, ski boots, skis, 2,5 poles, ice screws, pitons, 1,4 sleeping pad, lighter… Thats that I think!