Heli Ski Guiding In The Chilean Andes

Huge mountains and potential for skiing, great wilderness, untouched terrain, a feeling of adventure, no-mans-land, one of the last frontiers of skiing, wonderful nature, good food, wine and many new friends. Last week I got back from guiding for Powder South Heli Ski Guides in Chile. It was a great adventure and a pleasure working with Rodrigo, Joaquin, Pete, Greg and the rest of the crew!

Based high up in Cajon del Maipo one and a half hour from the center of Santiago, Powder South got two ski lodges with everything you can ask for in comfortable living. From there we take of into the high mountains of the Andes in a quest for the best snow and the most beautiful ski lines we can find. The following days we repeat as long as the legs can hold up and the weather and conditions permit. This is a truly amazing place and definitely some of the best skiing possible to find in the southern hemisphere winter.

I’m already planning to come back next year and if you would be interested to join the adventure, contact me here!