An Everyday Mountain Life

The last two weeks has been passing in a normal mountain life pace. When the weather’s been good I’ve been out skiing the steeps and when it’s been snowing I’ve been enjoying the powder. In between that I’ve tried to get back in some kind of climbing shape, hang out with family and friends, celebrated my 30th birthday, spent time at the Salomon office, and practiced tons of yoga.

I used to write about every mountain experience one by one, but now I have come to feel like, how ever special they all where at the time, they still blur in to each other now when I look back at them. The topic for the last two weeks has been to find good and safe skiing without tracks or people and like normally in Cham if you stay fairly creative it’s not too hard to find just that. I leave you with the photos, and even though there is nothing especially difficult about them, they still tell tales of good mountain times with good old and new friends!