Remembering Felix Hentz

We still miss you buddy!

I was walking that narrow street in an Italian mountain village and the snowflakes were slowly twirling down towards the ground. It was like they already knew the gossips of the dead and were dancing a last waltz in tribute.

I picked up my phone and I could foresee death in the pause before I heard the voice on the other end.

Felix Hentz was a great friend and a role model for what that word has come to mean for me. I owe him so much from our years of interaction, but I guess I have to pay that debt to others as incentives for future greatness.

One year ago you were still here and this world was still an unwritten book for us both. Now I’m the lonely writer here and you are playing tricks in dimensions I know very little of.

Joy, peace and happiness were your tributes, and I think you showed lots of that in the video below that you made during your last full winter. Even though I’m the actor, I feel you through the making and it’s quiet symbolic that you are absent and still the creator of tributes. For me, that indicates that you, in some ways, are still around!

The story for the short edit is that in January 2011 we hadn’t had snow for many weeks and it was spring weather in Chamonix. Everyone was complaining over how bad the snow conditions were and with our little edit we wanted to show that there’s always good snow, if you only know where to search.