Snapshots from week no4 in Lofoten – “The wettest week in ten years”

I don’t have too many photos from the last week of work. Some locals called it “the wettest week in ten years” and my focus was on keeping warm, keeping the clients safe and some days I simply left the camera home. But in the end I had a good week and I´m really impressed by everyone on the course for an awesome positive attitude.
No I´m of work for a while and will concentrate on climbing, running, planning of the autumn as well as a more social life! 

Glåmtind in the rain and fog

This week the Eagle ridge was even more wet 

Morgan rigging at Kalle

The View from The Piano Crack

After wet days out, at least there is a warm atmosphere to come home to… Here is Jonas, Martin, Magnus, Mum, Ale and Fredrik

Any climbing condition will feel good after experiencing this…