Skiing at Blackcomb with Douglas

Today Mike showed me the skiing at Blackcomb. It was the first good weather day in a while and the skiing conditions where actually really good. After a few runs in the bumps at the glacier we skinned up on the backside to Blackcomb peak, did a short detour to the summit, and then dropped in to the D.O.A couloir.
The snow was good, as its been refrozen over night and then the top surface had melted enough to serve perfect corn conditions in the early afternoon. A sushi on top of that for lunch and we had a really good ski day.

And, oh yeah, I saw my first Canadian bear in the slopes. Mike actually betted that he would move from Whistler if we wouldn’t see one during the whole day, but it only took five minutes, and sure enough we saw one under the lift. 

A Canadian brown bear

The classic buss that takes you around the mountain to the summer skiing

Skiing – summer style

Blackcomb snowpark

Mike showing his bump skills from the good old days

Whistler Blackcomb backcountry

Trevor Petersen memorial near the top of Blackcomb peak

Rock n rollers at the summit

Mike and myself at the entrance of D.O.A

Mike in good style

Myself on the lower slopes

That was a great ski!


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