Photo from Freeskier

Here is a photo from the american ski mag Freeskier of me and Xavier de Le Rue playing in the mountains. Photo from finnish magician Tero Repo,…. 


  1. Flavius
    28 November, 2011

    This descent was … breathless. I see that you are using Dynafit boots. Myself I own a pair of Zzero 4 U-TF. I found them sometimes too soft, specially on icy slopes. What model do you use? Do you switch tongues to make them stiffer?Thank you in advanceFlavius

  2. Andreas Fransson
    1 December, 2011

    Yo Flavius! I use the zero as well and I think they are very good as long as its not too hard and Im going too fast. I don’t think there exist a perfect skitouring boot for super high performance. If i want perfect performance in skiing I go with my race boots. And technically I dont think its in the tongues but in the whole construction. If you get the angles right in your joints you will not have to work on your tongues. But this is a grand other science… A few years back i broke my tibia really bad and had to ski n skitouring boots the whole season, that is helping me lots today. just go with it for the moment and work the technique and we will try to figure out the perfect boot in the meantime. But i guess that wont help you. When we are finished, you will be so good you wont need one… 😉