Back in the magic Islands of Lofoten

After Denali I have taken a bit of a vacation from the blog. I have spent time in the north of Sweden with family and friends, been to Stockholm for a wedding and got back to the normal training routines.  I have also had plenty of work on the computer and been starting to plan the next mountain adventure for the autumn.
After two weeks back home I packed the car and drove up to Lofoten in the north of Norway where I’m planning to stay for a month or two; climbing for myself, training, hanging out, guiding and instructing climbing.

I haven’t even brought my camera on the last week’s adventures, but I’m going to get better. J

Updates from Denali will also come eventually, but right now I’m living in a tent and out on the mountain everyday, so the computer time is very limited.

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Nord Norsk Klatreskole – – if you are looking for a real climbing course in one of the best climbing spots in Europe.