Le Fayet – A perfect day for some drytooling

Today I went down to Le Fayet and le Parc Thermal for some fun drytooling. It’s a good workout and it might prepare you for some of that mixed climbing in the mountains…  The foehn wind has been blowing hard the past two days, and the mountains on this side of Mt Blanc haven’t been welcoming to skiers and climbers. In times like these drytooling can be the perfect outdoor alternative.

The Team was built up by Jonathan Griffith, Heather Swift, Sandra Ewert, Matt Perrier and my self…  Thanks guys for a cool day at the crag…

My friend Bjarne Sahlén made a nice edit from a day at Le Fayet earlier in the season together with Carl Granlund and Morgan Sahlén. Check it out to get a picture of what drytooling is about. For more of Bjarnes cool movies check endlessflow.posterous.com

Getting there
Jonathan Griffith climbing
And then Matt Perrier is doing the same…