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Back in Chamonix – The spring is here!

Late on Monday I got back to Chamonix via Stockholm, Zurich and Geneva. After finding out that my computer was gone I had to work out a plan for getting back online and trying to get a new computer. Still, yesterday I felt like I wanted to get back skiing in the wonderful weather, so […]

My computer is gone…

Yesterday when I got home to Chamonix I realized I had lost my computer at Zurich Airport. It´s kind of funny as I was thinking on the airport how cool it felt to be able to relax with my gear after the South America adventure. It probably got stolen on the terminal while I was reading… […]

Haglöfs Arctic Weekend – A great gathering with excellent skiing

Haglöfs Arctic weekend is now over and I’m just about to go to bed to get ready for a full day of traveling tomorrow! Its been a few really good days of skiing and ski touring in Riksgränsen, Björkliden and Låktatjåkka and the snow conditions have been awesome. This is a really special place to […]

Haglöfs Arctic Weekend

I’m at Copenhagen airport at the moment on my way to Björkliden in the north of Sweden for Haglöfs yearly event – Haglöfs Arctic Weekend. It will be a weekend full of happenings, clinics, lectures, small adventures and lots of skiing of course. I used to spend a lot of time in the Riksgränsen area […]

Check out profile on

Just got the word that have posted a profile on me! Check it out at:…