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Reaching My Limit – Patagonian Ski Adventure Episode 2 – Skiing The Whillans Ramp

My highlight of the past ski year was definitely making turns down the Whillans ramp on Aguja Poincenot in Argentinian Patagonia.

Reaching My Limit – Patagonian Ski Adventure Episode 1

Here it is, the first episode from our Patagonia adventure this autumn! Fresh Argentinian powder, narrow couloirs and lessons learned in the mountains. Great company, filming and editing by Bjarne Salén at Endlessflow. Reaching My Limit Episode 1 from Bjarne Salén on Vimeo.

Peaking Excitement – The First Real Powder Day Of the Season

At the start of a new cycle the excitement is always peaking – That’s why the first powder days every season are so special. The coordination is not there, the muscles are non-existent and I hardly remember how to pack my bag, but every turn makes me feel like I did the very first time […]

Fragments From A Month On The Move

Fragments From A Month On The Move

Stockholm, 5/11 Dancing the Gangnam style dance together with the product developers and designers at the yearly Haglöfs sales meeting. Great people, well awaited Swedish food and a little toe suffering from getting a hit by a dancer’s ski boot.  Haglöfs Sales meet 2012   Rehearsal before the show   Chamonix, 6-11/11 Metal scratching rock, […]

Interview at EpicTV Weekly!

Check out the latest EpicTV weekly! At 2:36 myself and Bjarne Salén at Endlessflow are discussing our recent trip to Patagonia, working as a team and our award-winning film ‘Tempting Fear‘. Other topics on this week’s show includes Jeremy Jones and his film ‘Further‘, John John Florence talks about how it feels to surf agains […]