South towards Peru; surfing in Trujillo and expedition planing in Huaraz

Peluche managing the sun

Today we arrived in Huaraz after a beautiful voyage down the coast by bus. We arrived yesterday morning in Trujillo and had the day to spend before leaving again in the evening for Huaraz.

The choice was easy, we jumped on a taxi down to the coast, hired some boards and went surfing. It was a wonderful day in the ocean followed by great seafood and peruvian ice. Early this morning we arrived in Huaraz and have spent the whole day shopping, sorting out park fees, permits and packing. Now we are set to go up in the mountains again tomorrow. We have food for seven days with us, so you might not hear from us in a while!

Andreas: 13
Bjarne: 10

Our bunker room in Guayaquil
Another breakfast on the way. We haven’t found good coffee on the whole trip so far
An old Volvo bus got us from Guayaquil to Trujillo
Leaving the pirate town
Happenings on the way…
Our luggage room in Trujillo
This dude knew whats important in life
Bjarne relaxing by the water after a day of surfing
This was not us, but I would say Peluche got pretty close!
Bjarne putting in some working hours on the bus
First glimpse of the Cordillera Blanca
Packing session late at night

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  1. Charlotte
    11 October, 2011

    Enjoy the “cevice”…! Best one i have ever had!! Just landed en santiago. Hope to see you! Xoxo