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Thin air

It’s pitch dark and I just know something is wrong. A creeping panic is taking over me but I’m too tired to understand why. For a few seconds that feels like an eternity, everything is silent. With raw power that I cant control, my lungs are screaming for oxygen and eagerly suck in the cold ...

Down south in Riobamba

Down south in Riobamba

Today is a rest day in the charming city of Riobamba. I’m still feeling really down and a bit sick, but I’m hoping a day of rest will set me back on track. I would have done this update earlier, but Internet has been down in the whole country of Ecuador for the day. And ...

Everyday workouts in Quito

Everyday workouts in Quito

The last two days Bjarne and me have worked the neighbourhood as good as possible for thin air. The town itself is located around 2800 meter above sea level and just being here is good acclimatisation. But a good thing with Quito as a pre-climbing destination is that there is a gondola in town taking ...

Scribbles from the night

I’m sitting in the foyer of our hostel in Quito and I have been up the later part of the night due to jet lag. I like this peaceful part of the day when the world is asleep and excitement for another good adventurous day is running through my body. Today is the first real ...

The Denali film!

Here is the edit from my adventure on Denali this last spring… Enjoy! Edited by Bjarne Salhén on First ski descent on Denali south face by Andreas Fransson from Bjarne Sahlen on Vimeo.


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