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Kellostapuli – 500 something meters (maybe even 400 something)

In the last couple of months none of the mountain posts on this site have been on a mountain under 6000 meters. Well, I thought I had to change this fact to make the alps feel big again, so I went ski touring in Finland.  Kellostapuli is a knoll just north of the finnish ski […]

Ylläs – Christmas above the arctic circle

Numb toes, burning cheeks and brain freeze – that can normally describe skiing in the north around christmas time. And of course i got my share of these extraordinary sensations this time as well even though it felt warmer than i remember is normal.  The last time I spent the christmas in the finnish ski […]

One of the ten biggest freeskiing moments 2011 according to

The ski of the south face of Denali got listed as one of the ten most memorable moments in freeskiing 2011. Check the slideshow here!  (photo:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I wish all of you friends out there a great feast and a good start of the new year!


Winter white trees in a landscape of black and white in a place called home. Only the warmth shining from a house here and there is lighting up the countryside. This is a world without shadows. There are only contrasts from what’s here and there, nothing more, nothing less. It’s a place born out of […]